government takes call to discuss soldiers demands in burkina faso

Government takes call to discuss soldiers demands in Burkina Faso

A huge revolt was staged by the soldiers in Burkina Faso in their respective army bases as they called out the extremism being practiced by the army.

They protested against the violent practices and demanded the departure of army chiefs while also urging the government to make a way to fight the growing extremism in a better way.

Among the many problems that the country and people are facing, the army uprising is the latest threat to president Roch Marc Christian Kaboré. This is coming in line with the growing jihadist violence that struck the country in 2015.

A supporter of the army claimed, “We have seen enough, we don’t want the crying, we don’t want the orphans. We have seen enough, the president must leave.” He also added that no matter what, they will continue to support the soldiers.

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Many others expressed their fear saying that they have been hearing news about the army taking over the country. If this is going to happen then they will completely support the uprising and it does not matter how long it takes but they will stand with the army.

Those who supported the soldiers had set fire to the headquarters of the ruling party of the nation. The Police however caught the culprits. Despite the bans that have been imposed by the government, many demonstrators came in support of the soldiers and fought the police forces to make theri stand.