protesters march into the streets of khartoum causing clashes

Protesters march into the streets of Khartoum, causing clashes

According to reports, a new round of protests took place in Sudan on Sunday. One protester was killed in the clashes. Thousands of people flocked to the streets in Khartoum and its twin city, Omdurman, in Sudan. There was a clamor for the soldiers to return to their barracks and allow civilians to take over as the ruling class. The Sudanese Professionals Association and the Resistance Committees, which served as the backbone of the revolt against President Omar al-Bashir and the unrelenting anti-coup demonstrations over the past three months, have called for the protests.

According to a medical organization, at least one person was murdered as security officers used force to disperse demonstrators in the city. Procession participants beat drums and chanted anti-coup slogans, while others carried photos of protesters who had allegedly been killed by security forces. Protesters are demonstrating against the military coup that took place in October and threw the country into chaos. For example, Lujain Hassan, for example, is a young man who is confident in his desire for a better future for his country: “We don’t like this government because we have certain problems and troubles in Sudan, and we want Sudan in a nice way and with a decent government at the moment.”

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According to a video circulating online, protesters marched towards the presidential palace, which is a location in the capital that has seen deadly skirmishes between protesters and police forces during prior rounds of rallies. The Sudan Doctors Committee, a medical organization that keeps track of protester casualties, reported that a 27-year-old man died in a Khartoum hospital after suffering an undisclosed chest injury.

Before the protests, officials in Khartoum and Omdurman beefed up security in preparation for them. Protesters were told to congregate only in public squares in the capital’s neighborhoods, while thousands of soldiers and police were deployed, and the center of Khartoum was cordoned off by authorities. The United Nations mission in Sudan issued a warning on Saturday, stating that such restrictions could exacerbate tensions and urging authorities to allow protests to “pass without resorting to violence.” On average, it is estimated that 78 people have perished during the months-long series of protests that began in January.