burkina faso eliminated from african union till constitution restored

Burkina Faso Eliminated From African Union Till Constitution Restored

The African Union has finally suspended the country that has lost its government and has gone under junta rule, reports have confirmed. Burkina Faso is no more a part of the African Union.

The military leader Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba spearheaded the military coup. Realizing that the country might lose its seat with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), he made a statement to the media that the country will have a constitution soon.

However, the 15-member team has already suspended the country from participation. The latest now stands that the AU’s Political Affairs, Peace and Security Department has made a Twitter announcement that it has voted “to suspend the participation of #BurkinaFaso in all AU activities until the effective restoration of constitutional order in the country.

Just a few days back, the junta leader in Burkina Faso reassured the people and the world, that the country will return to constitutional order when conditions are right. The military leader Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba said that “When the conditions are right, according to the deadline that our people will define in all sovereignty, I commit to a return to a normal constitutional order.” The self-styled army had disposed of the government, its constitution, and President Roch Marc Kabore on the pretext of a deteriorating security condition in the country.

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The takeover happened by a previously unknown group – The patriotic Movement for Safeguard and Restoration (MPSR). Somewhere troubled by jihadist interference and unrest, the self-styled army decided to take control of the country.

Under the junta rule, the constitution remains suspended, National Assembly has been dissolved, and the country’s borders are sealed. There is the gradual deterioration of trade and economics as well. Since 2015 anyway, Burkina Faso’s economic and security conditions have been heavily compromised. This has been primarily because of extremist activities that have led to tonight’s curfews and the closure of the airport as well. Despair at the continuous violence since 2015, despite the significant military presence of former colonial ruler France, has also fueled this military coup.