Heavy Fighting in Mogadishu and tense security situation

Heavy Fighting in Mogadishu and tense security situation

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 07:58 am

The security situation in the capital Mogadishu is tense after fighting broke out between government forces last night. Fighting broke out in key areas of Mogadishu between forces opposed to Farmajo’s two years extension and government forces. The fighting, which lasted until late last night, took place at KM4, Abdiqasim’s former presidential palace, Dabka intersection, Shaqalaha intersection and Fagah intersection.

Fighting in Mogadishu tonight is spreading to new districts in the Benadir region, with forces under the command of President Farmajo and forces opposed to Farmajo’s extension. However, the current security situation is unpredictable and there are growing concerns that fighting could break out again in the capital.

Other opposition forces attacked Sayidka Square, guarding the Somali presidential palace, and there was a brief gun battle. There are many armed forces in the area of Sayidka and nearby neighborhoods who are opposed to Farmajo’s extension, and these forces are defending the area around Dabka, Hotel Wehliye and other nearby neighborhoods

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Meanwhile, a number of mortar shells hit the presidential palace of Somalia tonight, and the mortars are said to have hit the presidential palace of the opposition forces who are fighting against the government forces.

The fighting affected the presidential palace and a number of mortar shells hit the presidential palace, but no casualties were reported. Federal security minister Hassan Xundubey, who spoke to state media, denied that government forces had attacked the residence of former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Meanwhile, some opposition candidates have blamed Farmajo’s government for attacks on their residences in Mogadishu. AbdirahmanAbdishakur said his house was raided by some officials, including FarhanQoorole, and that Farmajo and his subordinates would take responsibility for the incident.