high time for world leaders to take a joint call on declaring houthi rebels as a terrorist organization

High time for world leaders to take a joint call on declaring Houthi rebels as a terrorist organization

 Yemen Yemen – The world is aware of the threat that Houthi rebels, based out of Yemen, poses for the country. The dangerous rebel group is the reason behind the condition of Yemen, where the nation is witnessing the worst humanitarian crisis in over two decades.

The concern regarding the group’s activities has increased in recent months as they have not reduced their aggression on people and on neighboring countries which is resulting in an increasing threat to the security of the countries.

Despite the kind of violence and aggression the group has shown, it is still not a part of the universal list of terrorist groups. It is high time that the United States along with other world leaders declares the Houthi rebels as a terror group so that the medium of them getting financial help can be traced.

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Iran is one of the countries to completely back Houthi activities in Yemen and not just back but it has been relentlessly supporting the rebel group to plan and execute attacks on provinces, which also put human lives at risk.

It is for this very reason that international bodies must assemble together and take tough calls on the dangerous group’s activities. If led by the United States, other countries also come in terms with officially announcing Houthis as a terror group, a lot of lives can be saved and unnecessary attacks on other countries can be stopped.

If they do not take a call on them at this point of time then a lot of human lives will be put at risk especially as the rebel group wants to continue the series of attacks on Arab countries. This statement proves that the Houthi rebels are not only ignorant towards human lives but are also not scared about the reactions of the international bodies.

The Middle East region has been known for a lot of infighting, conflict-driven situations and if the way the Houthi group is acting continues, the region will grow further fearful of a lot of things.