iran is a serious threat to the world, says josh block

Iran is a serious threat to the world, says Josh Block

During an interview with The Capitol, the former US State Department spokesman Josh Block said that Iran poses a threat to the United States and is an extremely serious concern.

“The Iranians also sent an armed terrorist to the home of a prominent person in New York recently. The regime is very dangerous. These are people that are not kidding when they say they wanna harm Americans and other people in the world. We should take their threats seriously who doesn’t yet have a nuclear weapon,” he said in the interview to Maria Maalouf.

Additionally, he stated that both current and former US government officials face danger. John Bolton, former US national security adviser recently claimed that Iran was also responsible for the recent attack on author Salman Rushdie and the plan against an Iranian-American woman in New York. Iran, however, refuted these allegations.

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Iran has ruled out any connection to Rushdie’s alleged assailant, an American citizen who has been charged with attempted murder and entered a not guilty plea in connection with the stabbing that occurred on August 12 at a literary event in Western New York. Since Rushdie’s novel “The Satanic Verses,” which some people feel is offensive to Islam, was published in 1988.

Iran, in Block’s opinion, is a threat to both regional and international security. He also thinks that the Iranian government supports terrorism. He also discussed the dangers posed by terrorist organizations supported by Iran.

He discussed the horrors committed by Iran on other Middle Eastern nations. Three years ago, drones and cruise missiles were launched at Aramco oil installations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the Iranian dictatorship and its terrorist allies.