united states sends ultimatum to somalia president after prime ministers suspension

United States Sends Ultimatum To Somalia President After Prime Minister’s Suspension

After Somalia’s President Farmaajo announced Monday that he was suspending Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble ahead of elections, the United States sent an ultimatum to President Farmaajo.

The US State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs issued a statement on Twitter stating that the USA is ready to act against the opposition who hinder Somalia’s path to peace. The US slammed the suspension of Roble.

The United States embassy urged all events to de-escalate tensions for the Nationwide Consultative Council. It also urged Somalia to strengthen the electoral course and conduct speedy elections.

On Monday, Farmajo’s office said the president had decided to suspend Prime Minister Roble as he was linked to corruption. They accused him of interfering with an investigation into a land-grabbing case. However, Roble hit back and said Farmajo was trying to take over the office of the prime minister by force. The two men have traded accusations against each other in recent days. The relationship between the two leaders is deteriorating as they can be seen attacking each other verbally. 

Analysts criticise the US

Some analysts criticize the United States for interfering in this matter. Fadumo Qasim Dayib, a Somali politician, criticized the United States in a tweet. He accused the United States of defaming the nation’s picture.

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Somalia’s election is already delayed for several months. In recent months, a bitter rivalry between the two men derailed the election again. On Sunday, the United States said it was deeply concerned over the delays in the election process.

President Farmaajo’s tenure in Somalia

In April, opposition fighters opened fire in the streets of Mogadishu because Farmajo extended his term without holding fresh elections in the country. Farmaajo was elected president in 2017 after successful the nation’s first democratic election since 1967. In 2010-2011, he served as Prime Minister of Somalia for six months.