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10 Highest Paying Jobs In Ethiopia 2023

Ethiopia’s economy is quickly expanding, and with that expansion comes new and interesting work opportunities. Ethiopia is a great place to find a high-paying career.

In this article, you will find 10 highest paying jobs in Ethiopia in 2023. There are lots of job opportunities in the field of health, banking, corporate, IT & other sectors.

1) Surgeons / Doctors

Physicians and surgeons are among the world’s highest-paid professionals. In Ethiopia, they might earn anything from $397,200 to $619,200.

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Their wages range from $600,000 to $600,000 per year, depending on their speciality and experience.

2) Judges

Judges are among Ethiopia’s highest-paid professionals. They are paid around $520,800 Birr each year. Judges serve a critical role in our society, ensuring that things function smoothly.

This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals who want to make a difference and help others.

3) Lawyers

Lawyers will be the highest-paid occupation in Ethiopia by 2023. Their annual income averages $421,200 Birr. As lawyers gain experience, they will be able to earn more money.

Taking on additional clients and practicing commercial and criminal law can help you earn more money as a lawyer.

4) Bank Managers

Bank managers are among Ethiopia’s highest-paid professionals. They might expect to earn somewhere around $420,000 to $560,000 Birr each year.

The position necessitates a high degree of education, training, and superior communication and problem-solving abilities.

5) Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officers will be the highest-paying occupations in Ethiopia in 2023. (CEOs).

CEOs will be paid an average of $372,000 Birr per year, making them one of the highest-paid professionals in the country. As CEO, you will be in charge of the organization’s daily operations.

6) Chief Financial Officers

Ethiopia is an African country experiencing rapid economic development. As a result, the number of employment openings has increased.

In Ethiopia 2023, the highest-paying jobs are chief financial officers. They will be paid an average of $360 000 Birr per year.

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7) Orthodontists

Orthodontists are among Ethiopia’s highest-paid professionals. They earn an annual average pay of $334,800 Birr.

By 2023, total orthodontist positions are predicted to increase by 18%. This is substantially quicker than the average rate of job growth.

 8) University Professors

In Ethiopia, a university professor earns over 300,000 birrs annually on average. Professors at universities are usually compensated more than other occupations.

The highest-paid university professors in Ethiopia make more than 24,000 Birr per month, according to a report.

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 9) Airlines Pilots

By 2022, Ethiopia is predicted to be one of the fastest-growing nations when it comes to aircraft traffic.

Pilots can expect a decent pay with an average yearly salary of $252,000 Birr. In the next few years, qualified pilots will be in high demand.

10) Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is in charge of planning and executing a company’s digital marketing strategy.

This is a well-paid profession, with an average annual compensation of $240,000 Birr. Over the next five years, employment for this job is predicted to increase by 22%.

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