in ethiopia police and protestors clashed during eid celebrations

In Ethiopia, police and protestors clashed during Eid celebrations

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 11:10 am

On Monday, after prayers to commemorate the conclusion of Ramadan, Ethiopian police used tear gas and briefly battled with young Muslims in the capital. Fear erupted in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. On the eve of the end-of-Ramadan prayers, police fired tear gas at Muslim demonstrators. The riot took place outside of the Addis Ababa international stadium. Addis police called it “a riot” that was started by “a few people.”

According to an official, when some of the faithful began to yell slogans and toss stones, a police officer mistakenly shot tear gas into the gathering. According to Addis police, property had been damaged before order was restored.

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“This is one of our Eid celebrations, our festival, which occurs once a year. Therefore, I need to give a message to all Muslims to look after impoverished people, to support them, and to work with others, Muslims, and the government. Some people went to Meskel Square to pray because the stadium was so full for Eid.

Last week, anti-Muslim incidents occurred in the country’s north, prompting the conflict. On Tuesday, April 25, an attack occurred at the Sheikh Elias Cemetery in the mostly Christian city of Gondar during a Muslim funeral. “The organized armed gang in Gondar that prepared the attack with bombs and machine guns is responsible for what transpired there,” says Ustaz Mohammed, a member of the Addis Ababa Muslim Council’s Board of Directors.

According to reports, several demonstrators threw stones at police while screaming “Justice for Gondar” and “Don’t fire our mosques, don’t kill our people.” Ethiopia is a Christian-majority country with a Muslim minority that accounts for roughly 30% of the population.