how to make money fast in south africa

How To Make Money Fast In South Africa In 2022

Money is essential for everyone. So, how can you make money when you have nothing? How to make money fast? Don’t waste your time and start making money fast. Here are a few tips to make money fast in South Africa.

How to make money fast in South Africa

Sell out stuff that you no longer need

This is the best way to make some money. Look around your house and identify all the items you no longer need. You can sell these items at free markets and make instant money. If you have old furniture, crockery, and clothes that you have not used for a long time, start selling them. You can quickly sell these items at free markets.

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Rent extra space in your house

If you rent extra space in your house, you can generate passive income for the long term. Many people are willing to pay for temporary and permanent accommodations. You can also rent out extra space temporarily to tourists.

Invest in South African fashion

You can invest in South African fashion to make more money. You can make quick cash by selling authentic South African wear to people. You can also become a brand ambassador for leading fashion outlets to earn more money.

Fill out paid online surveys

Research companies recruit members to answer online surveys and test new products. You can fill out paid online surveys and earn money quickly. If survey providers ask for money upfront, consider it a scam. You can make use of these websites to fill online surveys and earn money: Joinhiving, Toluna, Panel opinion, I-say, and Prolific.

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Rent your car

You can always rent your car to make money. Let your car generate more income by renting it at a price. Uber is an excellent example to help you make money. Companies also provide coverage for damages.


You can start working as a freelancer to make instant money. Content writing and graphic design are common fields for freelancers. If you have experience in any field, you can take on freelance projects related to it and start earning money. If you have a computer and a good internet connection, you don’t need to worry.

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Become an online English teacher

Teaching English online can make you lots of money. You need to be fluent in English to teach people. Many websites offer a great rate to English teachers. You can work from anywhere and easily earn money.

These are the ways to make money fast in South Africa. Let us know what you will be trying and how it works out for you.

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