Human Rights Watch

Kenneth Roth, director of the Human Rights Watch “Farmajo is imitating Afewarki,”

The outgoing government led by Farmajo is facing political pressure from the international community and neighboring countries. There are growing protests against Farmajo’s misguided bid for re-election.

According to the BBC Somali, the director of Human Rights Watch has accused Farmajo of imitating the Eritrean dictator. Afawerki. Director Kenneth Roth tweeted that Somali President Mohamed AbdullahiFarmajo was following in the footsteps of long-ruling Eritrean President Ehud Olmert.

“It is not surprising that Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has been given a one-sided extension by the House of Representatives as he appears to be following in the footsteps of longtime Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, who has become a staunch ally in recent months”wrote Kenneth Roth.

The statement from director of Human Rights Watch comes at a time when Farmajo is swimming in waves of political turmoil as the international community directly opposes the extension and calls for him to meet with Somalia’s political stakeholders again to find a lasting solution.

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Somali President Mohamed AbdullahiFarmajo held talks with representatives of the international community based in Mogadishu yesterday at the Aficio Tent. In a closed-door meeting, the two sides discussed the latest situation in Somalia and the crisis over the two-year extension of the expired federal government institutions. However, the exact terms of the meeting have not yet been announced brought together.

President Farmajo failed to hold elections in the country and again withdrew from the agreements reached on September 17 which were the basis for holding elections that were mutually agreed upon. Finally Farmajo forced the parliament to extend it for two years. As a result, all political stakeholders in Somalia are protesting and protesting.