kenya on high alert after france warns of impending terror attack

Kenya on High Alert After France Warns of Impending Terror Attack

The French Embassy in Kenya has issued a terror alert to Western nationals, saying there’s a threat of an imminent terrorist attack against citizens residing in Nairobi. It also cautioned its citizens and expatriates from other countries to stay away from crowded public places.

The government is now on high alert after the warning. The government urged the citizens to avoid gathering at hotels and shopping centers. Kenyan police have also beefed up security to protect the country against terrorist attacks. Reportedly, the government and authorities have deployed enough security to respond to any planned terror attack in the country.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs classified crowded public places as the hotspots for the terror attack. According to VOA, Kenya’s police spokesman, Bruno Shioso, saw the alert on social media and urged people to not fear. Shioso said that the authorities placed all major towns and critical areas with security. He added, “Our security personnel are very alert and on the ground.”

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Reportedly, the French Embassy in a statement, on Thursday advised People in Kenya to exercise extreme vigilance and avoid visiting these public places in the coming days, including this weekend. The Kenyan government also heightened security in the coastal area of Lamu.

Kenya has experienced a number of terror attacks over the past few years. Reportedly, many of the terror attacks were carried out by the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab. The terror group is based in the neighboring country Somalia.

In 2013, a terror attack at the Westgate mall in Kenya killed more than 60 people. In 2019, gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a hotel and commercial complex in the Kenyan capital, killing at least 21 people.

Hassan Khannenje, the head of the Horn Institute for Strategic Studies, said that countries must work together to eradicate any security threat to the East African nation.