kenya to start working on changes for labor laws

Kenya to start working on changes for labor laws

Last updated on October 25th, 2022 at 02:24 pm

African nations are not the best examples of policies driven to make a safer work environment for laborers. Kenya is one such example. The country struggles with proper laws in place to protest labor interes.

Hence, the recent weeks saw the country focus on labor laws to guide them to function with various aspects such as imposing unpaid leave, salary cuts and remote working.

 It also includes proper rules in place to regulate shifts in the job market especially with the Covid-19 pandemic in place.

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As per the labor ministry, the country is trying to figure out legislation to govern the conduct of those working for the companies and they have noted that they do not cover the forced pay cuts, unpaid leave policies, and also hybrid work models.

“While the labor laws provide for what people should do, they did not anticipate this kind of situation. So there’s a need now to relook into the same laws to factor in the emergence of such challenges,” said Labor PS Peter Tum. The issue that the nation will be facing in the coming year is related to the job market flow. It is important to understand that the job market is guided by the Employment Act. In Kenya, the Labor Institutions Act and the Labor Relations Act were enacted in 2007.