mauritania protects its agriculture by planting trees

Mauritania protects its agriculture by planting trees

Last updated on January 6th, 2022 at 12:21 pm

 Mauritania Mauritania – Desert sands are endangering homes and agricultural areas in Mauritania. Residents are erecting a “Great Green Wall” in an attempt to prevent the sands’ progress. The goal of the initiative, which began in 2007, is to build a green wall over the Sahel region. The absence of rain is one of the issues.

People have been using pumps in palm groves since last year, when rain has become extremely scarce. We were able to protect them using this strategy. During times of drought, people require assistance with pumps. “We were able to provide water to everyone and meet their water needs with the help of these solar pumps,” Salem, a Chinguetti local, expressed his opinion. Local farmers have devised a variety of approaches and solutions in order to handle the problems.

 “What we’re doing here is creating a windbreak for the palm groves. We dig a small hole around the palm tree, fill it with water, and cover it with blankets to keep it safe. I’m able to bring the palm trees to life using this method. ” Salem adds, So far, just around 4% of the initial objective for the Great Green Wall has been accomplished.

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As time runs out, the authorities have shifted their focus to supporting community-based agricultural and environmental projects. What needs to be understood about the Great Green Wall program is that it’s an integrated rural development program that combines both environmental preservation and the establishment of rural development poles in order to improve the living conditions of rural populations, particularly the most vulnerable, explained Marieme Bekaye, Mauritania’s Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development.

The Great Green Wall project began in 2007 and has already been adopted by more than 20 African countries. By 2030, 100 million hectares of degraded land should have been rehabilitated.