kinshasa plans to renovate its zoo which opened decades ago

Kinshasa plans to renovate its zoo, which opened decades ago

Last updated on January 31st, 2022 at 09:28 am

It’s time for a much-needed renovation at Kinshasa’s zoological garden. The Congolese government has vowed to repair the place where families and students gather eight decades after it was initially opened.

At the Kinshasa zoological garden, a dozen monkeys, crocodiles, or two bulls: the few tourists voice their regret at the lack of iconic animals at this attraction site in the Democratic Republic of Congo‘s capital. “We came to see the zoo,” tourist Acha Diasilvi laments, “but they don’t have many animals, they truly don’t, only monkeys.” The Congolese government has committed to improving the place and welcoming more wild animals in order for the miracle to materialize.

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In Kinshasa, there is an 8-hectare zoological garden. Birds and snakes can be seen by visitors. Simon and Antoinette, Nile crocodiles, are also possible encounters. The zoo’s attendance has dropped since the COVID epidemic, but the director, who grew up in the zoo’s glory days, is hopeful that the renovation will bring tourists back. According to Simon Dinganga Tra Ndeto, there were up to 5,000 specimens and over a thousand different kinds.

The number of specimens continued to dwindle after independence and the departure of the people who founded the zoo. The animals grew old over time, and the zoo was never repopulated. The zoo’s makeover will repopulate it as soon as we complete mending cages and redesigning the space. ” Last July, Tourism Minister Modero Nsimba announced the zoo’s rehabilitation. Due to the slow pace of construction, many Congolese choose to go east to a reserve established by former President Joseph Kabila that has a variety of species.