libya suspends implementation of the gender equality agreement

Libya suspends implementation of the Gender Equality Agreement

 LibyaLibya – The Libyan Transitional Council of Ministers, led by Abdelhamid Dbeibah, has put a halt to the implementation of an UN-sponsored gender equality pact. Last Sunday, on the eve of International Women’s Rights Day, the government made the decision. Because some of its articles don’t follow the rules of Islamic law, the suspension was put in place “as a safety measure,” the official statement said.

When the deal was signed in October, Houriya Tourmal, the Minister of State for Women’s Affairs, who has been harshly attacked by Islamists, made it clear that “national law takes precedence in the event of a contradiction.” This has caused a lot of debate in Libya, with people worried that it might not be in line with Libyan law and religion.

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Last Thursday, a new government was sworn in before parliament, and its leader, Fathi Bachagha, is attempting to depose the current Tripoli government. Prime Minister Dbeibah, who was fired from office by parliament, is stepping up efforts to make himself more popular in order to stay in power.