chadians shout out loud against military junta and french support

Chadians Shout Out Loud Against Military Junta and French Support

 Chad Chad – The ruling military junta is getting support from France; so are the Chadian accusing and have taken to the streets. Protestors are chanting anti-French slogans and are done with the military junta rule.

Some 500 such people are said to have demonstrated against the junta rule, something that has come in response to a call from the opposition. According to an official statement by the military junta, democratic elections will be held at the end on an 18 month transitional period.

The military junta has been running the show ever since 2021. Following the April 2021 death of longtime President Idriss Deby Itno while fighting rebels in Chad’s north, a military junta—the Transitional Military Council—led by Itno’s son Mahamat dismissed the government, dissolved parliament and repealed the constitution. The Council promised free and transparent elections by late 2022.

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With the parliament having been dissolved and the constitution repealed, many fear for the future of democracy.

The junta had promised an inclusive national dialogue open to the opposition and all the armed rebel movements that have been attacking the government for decades.

But this dialogue has already been postponed several times and it is now scheduled for 10 May with a very strong chance that it will be postponed again.

Meanwhile the junta continues to fund operations around where France is withdrawing its troops. Mali is one such place.

Chad continues to reel under poverty and economic deprivation. It is one of the lowest in the Human Development Index and has been threatened by military coups, one after the other.

Apparently, Chad’s then-existing government had shown resentment over the presence of Russian mercenaries and their unnecessary presence in Libya and Chad together. There are many conflicting parties trying to take advantage of a weak uneducated farmer population that is caught in a cross firing.