dbeibah refuses to resign but libyan parliament announced new pm

Dbeibah refuses to resign but Libyan parliament announced new PM

Businessman and politician Abdul Hamid Dbeibah was termed as the Prime Minister of Libya for the government of national unity. His appointment was only on an interim basis.

But on Thursday, the Libyan parliament decided to go with another name despite the interim PM not resigning. He has refused to step down after various attempts of bringing and chipping in for a new leader by the parliamentary council of the country.

The parliament has unanimously voted for former interior minister Fathi Bashagha to lead the Government of National Unity (GNU). GNU’s spokesperson took to Twitter to announce the same. Abdullah Bliheg said, “The House of Representatives unanimously approved Fathi Bashagha to head the government.” The Prime Minister said that he will not be resigning from office till the country witnesses elections. It was during a televised interview where he said that he would “accept no new transitional phase of parallel authority”.

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Now Libya has only one option left. It can lead to a political impasse. The leader was appointed in this position last year after a lot of struggle to hold a responsible government to form an order. He was handed over the task to lead the country to elections from December 24. The elections, both presidential and parliamentary, were canceled after an argument erupted over the construction of the constitution. Libyan leaders were unable to figure out the eligibility of several candidates and hence chose to postpone elections with no fixed date.