linkedin is reportedly developing an ai coach to assist in job search

LinkedIn Is Reportedly Developing An AI Coach To Assist In Job Search

LinkedIn, the leading professional networking site, is reportedly developing an AI coach to assist job seekers throughout the job application process. 

The tool, called “AI Coach,” aims to make the job search more efficient and effective by helping users find and apply for jobs, upskill themselves, and expand their professional network.

The information of the upcoming AI Coach was shared by app researcher Nima Owji on Twitter. 

The AI Coach is expected to look similar to Microsoft’s Bing chatbot, and users will be able to ask questions about how it works or inquire about a company’s work culture directly from the coach. 

As Microsoft owns LinkedIn, there is a possibility that the AI Coach could be powered by Microsoft’s advanced AI technology.

AI-powered tools have become increasingly advanced, and the AI Coach could be a significant advancement in aiding job seekers. 

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By saving time and effort, it could streamline the job application process and provide valuable assistance to those seeking new opportunities.

Last month, LinkedIn introduced a new AI feature that generates a first draft for users after they share at least 30 words describing what they want to say. 

This AI feature, along with the AI-generated Copy Suggestions tool for ad creatives, showcases the platform’s increasing focus on leveraging AI technology to enhance user experiences.

The upcoming AI Coach is expected to help users apply for jobs, acquire new skills, and connect with their professional network more effectively. It could serve as a valuable assistant, providing guidance and support throughout the job-seeking journey.

LinkedIn, being a prominent product of Microsoft, aligns with the tech giant’s efforts to integrate AI technology into various applications, including Microsoft’s office suite of apps, Edge, and GitHub. With LinkedIn’s extensive user base and reach, the AI Coach has the potential to impact a significant number of job seekers worldwide.

LinkedIn’s upcoming feature, AI Coach, may enhance user experiences and support job seekers in their search for professional growth and job opportunities.

The technology of AI Coach is expected to play a vital role in transforming the job application process and professional career landscape.