Mali: The NCSP Junta Awaits a Response on Sanctions from ECOWAS

Mali: The NCSP Junta Awaits a Response on Sanctions from ECOWAS

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:22 am

The Malian National Committee for the Salvation of the People(NCSP) awaits a response from the Economic Community of West African States leaders (ECOWAS) after junta head, Colonel Assimi Goita, made a public appeal on Tuesday for sanctions to be lifted — following the appointment of the transitional president, Bah N’daou, as per one of the organisation’s imposed conditions.

Former Nigerian Head of State, Goodluck Jonathan, was in Bamako Wednesday as an ECOWAS special envoy. Yet another visit to the West African city, as he has been assisting Mali over the last few months in negotiations amidst the political crisis.

The political mediator shared the current state of affairs as far as a response from the organisation, “Lifting the sanctions is not a problem. ECOWAS don’t want any sanctions in any part of the community. It’s quite unfortunate that that has to be done. So ECOWAS is eager to make that pronouncement.

The chair of the community, the President of Ghana, is the person that will make that pronouncement. And I believe that on Friday, after the inauguration, probably, he will make that pronouncement.”

The colonel also sought to make good on the NCSP’s post-coup promise to uphold all international agreements (including anti-jihadists efforts in the region) and even called on the support of the Malian people during the 60-year independence day celebration ceremony as a public show of good faith.

Malian citizens, amidst all the unrest over the last few months, are the ones most affected by both the political crisis and economic sanctions.