nancy isime stirs controversy on social media

Nancy Isime stirs controversy on social media

Nollywood actress Nancy Isime has stirred controversy on social media. She has posted some photos and videos from her gym session, revealing her backside.

While sharing her pictures, she wrote, “Natural beauty.” In another Instagram post, she flaunted a picture captioned as “Perfect body shape.” Subsequently, social media users expressed their views in the comment section. Some users reacted with beautiful comments. 

A user wrote, “Indeed you’re beautiful my darling.” Another user wrote, “Sweet girla.” However, some fans did not like the picture. Some Nigerians also took to Twitter to express their views. A user wrote on Twitter, “Nancy Isime doing BBL is the height of greediness. You can tell me nothing.” Another user wrote on Twitter, “Nancy Isime had a very perfect body and she had to ruin it with BBL??? Why??? Peer pressure?? Baby girl why??” Another user also commented, “Omo Nancy Isime, why is she not fit to keep this body? Why add silicon to it?”

Another user did not like the way the actress showed off her features. He wrote on Twitter, “Nancy Isime still had to do another extra BBL. My love for her has officially reduced. Don’t know why these women cannot just stay natural.”

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Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime is a famous Nigerian actress, model, and media personality. She is 30 years old. She has won the City People Music Award for VJ of the Year. 

Earlier, Isime also launched her own TV show titled ‘The Nancy Isime Show.’ This year, she starred in the Netflix original series Blood Sisters. 

Recently, The Future Awards Africa announced Nancy Isime as the host for the 16th edition. Seun Oluyemi, Chief Content Officer of RED MEDIA and Project Lead, also appreciated the actress.