nollywood actor hanks anuku breaks silence over mental health rumour

Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku breaks silence over mental health rumour

Nollywood actor, Hanks Anuku, has broken his silence over the mental health rumour that went viral on social media this week. The actor has taken to social media to refute the rumours. 

Earlier this week, a video went viral on social media. The actor was captured wandering the streets in tattered clothes. The video sparked reactions from some of his fans and colleagues. Some people also said that he was mentally ill. 

Hanks warned people on social media and said that he was not well. He said that mental health rumours about him were not true. He said that the viral video emanated from a movie set. Hanks Anuku accused people sharing the video on social media of trying to destroy his image. He reportedly wrote on Instagram, “I’ve been on set and anyone using those pictures and videos on set to try and destroy my image, may the holy spirit forgive you.”

Actress Shan George, another Nollywood veteran, also dismissed the viral video. She said that he was on a movie set. She also said that Hanks Anuku was not insane. However, Iheme Nancy accused Shan of being insincere about Hanks’ health.

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Hanks Anuku

Hanks Anuku is best known for his roles as the chief gangster of Nollywood. He has portrayed the role of villains in many Nollywood films. He has 72.6K followers on his Instagram account. He is the older brother of Miss Nigeria 1986 Rita Anuku, who died in 2015. Hanks Anuku hit the limelight after starring in his debut movie The Skeleton.

The actor is not new to the controversy. In 2015, it was rumoured that Hanks Anuku was HIV positive. However, he debunked the rumour on social media. He was also in the limelight when he became a Ghanaian citizen, adopting a new name, Nana Kwame Fifi Kakra.