nigeria’s play network partners with namibia for new film

Nigeria’s Play Network partners with Namibia for new film

Play Network Studios, a Nigerian filmmaking organization, has partnered with Mondjila Studios in Namibia for new film ‘The Skeleton Coast’. The collaboration between Nigeria and Namibia aims to tell the stories of Africans to the world through filmmaking.

Charles Okpaleke, a Nigerian film producer and the Chief Executive Officer of Play Network Studios, confirmed the partnership between Play Network Studios and Mondjila Studios on Thursday in Lagos, a city in Nigeria.

Charles Okpaleke said, “This is the ethos of The Skeleton Coast, a truly ambitious movie collaboration between our studio which has been at the forefront of modern, reformative African storytelling. The project is set on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, known to the local bushmen tribes as The Land God Made in Anger.”

‘The Skeleton Coast’

‘The Skeleton Coast’ is directed by Robert Peter. The cast of ‘The Skeleton Coast’ includes Thaepelo Mokoena, South African actor and television producer; Ini Dima-Okojie, a Nigerian actress from Edo State; Tjuna Daringo, an actress from Namibia; Mawuli Gavor, a Ghanaian accountant turned actor, model, TV presenter, entrepreneur and producer; Cindy Mahlangu, a South African actress; and Damilola Adegbite, a Nigerian actress and model.

Eric Roberts, a veteran American actor, is also part of the film. The film aims to promote Pan-African unity. It is produced by Rogers Ofime and Arafat Bello Osagie of Play Studios.

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