somalia legislators vote by rising their hands to cancel a divisive two year presidential term extension, inside the lower house of parliament in mogadishu

No end to clashes in Somalia, opposite sides make elections process more difficult

 Somalia Somalia – Given the state of Somalia, elections are extremely crucial to ensure proper and functional governance of the country but continuous clashes among the rebel groups and the government troops are diminishing the light of hope of any development.

It all seems to work out when the outgoing president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and his prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble came to an agreement after an aggressive fallout over the disappearance of a female spy.

The two leaders finally decided to end this debate and set their priorities straight by prioritizing elections but that did not sustain for long. The authorities are looking to conduct the electoral process without any controversy but despite their statements and efforts, things are out of control.

The African country has no legitimate government right now as this year in February, the mandate to keep Farmaajo as the president came to an end. The mandate could not have been constitutionally extended but still, the leader continues to control the country.

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Many believe that this is only after there has been a political understanding of conducting a proper electoral process to establish a new parliament and government. But the recent incidents of violence are making even that understanding vanish into thin air. “That understanding is now fraying because the electoral process is months behind schedule,” said Mathey Bryden,  a political expert of Africa.

He also said that the president has been very conveniently twisting the electoral princess and manipulating the election model according to his benefit. If this continues then there are very strong chances that some of the political figures will eventually start losing trust, added Bryden. The reason why the electoral process is greatly compromised is because of al-Qaeda linked al- Shabab. The extremist group has already vowed to disrupt the process that can bring stability to the region. This is not it. Even the constant fighting between the regional forces has also killed over hundreds of people making the electoral process even more difficult.