5 most paid moroccan singers in 2022

5 Most Paid Moroccan Singers In 2023

The Moroccan music industry is one of the growing music industries worldwide, and has produced amazing singers over the years.

Music has catapulted many Moroccan singers from the life of normal to star, from grass to grace. But do you know who are the most paid Moroccan singers in 2023? Let’s find out!

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List of Top 5 Highest Paid Moroccan Singers 2023

RankMost Paid Moroccan SingersNet Worth
1Saad Lamjarred$3.4 M
2Zouhair Bahaoui$2.0 M
3Aymane Serhani$851 K
4Elgrand Toto$794 K
57-Toun$766 K

1. Saad Lamjarred (Net Worth: $3.4M)

Saad Lamjarred is a well-known Moroccan singer and musician. Saad Lamjarred earned between $2.7 million and $4 million in 2022 and is ranked number one. Saad Lamjarred has 36 songs on his record.

2. Zouhair Bahaoui (Net Worth: $2M)

Moroccan singer/band Zouhair Bahaoui is well-known. In 2022, Zouhair Bahaoui made a profit of $1.6 million to $2.4 million and was rated second. Zouhair Bahaoui has 20 tracks in total. In 2015, Zouhair Bahaoui began his career.

3. Aymane Serhani (Net Worth: $850.8K)

Aymane Serhani is a well-known Moroccan singer and musician. Aymane Serhani earned from $680.6K to $1M in 2022 and was rated number three. Aymane Serhani has 18 songs to his credit.

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4. Elgrand Toto (Net Worth: $794.3K)

Elgrand Toto is a well-known Moroccan singer and group. Elgrand Toto made from $635.4K to $953.2K in 2022 and was rated fourth. Elgrand Toto features 35 tracks in total.

5. 7-Toun (Net Worth: $766K)

Moroccan singer/band 7-Toun is well-known. 7-Toun earned from $612.8K to $919.2K in 2022 and was ranked in the top 5 list. In total, 7-Toun has performed 26 songs. He is better known for his songs – Concert De Settat, Milano and Fayrouz.