Somalia: Officials arrested over prison attack

Officials arrested over prison attack in Somalia

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:38 am

At least 27 people have been arrested for smuggling into a Somali prison weapons used to assault guards in the past this month, according to Somali kingdom run-media on Wednesday. 

“An inquiry committee into the central [Mogadishu] prison attack observed that on Aug. 8, pistols, ammunition, and hand grenades were smuggled into the jail secretly to launch the attack,” stated radio Muqdisho.

At least 12 officers, six civilians, and nine inmates have been arrested after days of investigation by using a committee appointed by means of performing Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamad Guled.

Among those arrested are Col. Adan Hussein Kulmiye, the prison warden, who was fired after the attack, and his deputy.

At least 19 people, together with soldiers, al-Shabaab attackers, and inmates, had been killed in the Aug. 10 assault claimed via Somali-based al-Qaeda affiliated group al-Shabaab.