woman looks on as locals queue to cast their ballots during the national elections at hatimo village

People in Lesotho hope for change after the general elections

After the general elections on Friday (Oct. 7), the villagers in Lesotho’s rural district of Thaba Bosiu (western Lesotho) are hopeful that their country will enter a new period marked by the dissemination of news. The kingdom in southern Africa has been ruled by coalitions for the past ten years, and none of the prime ministers have completed their full five-year terms in office.

Insecurity and the desire for better life chances were important considerations in the election for the 1.5 million people who were registered to vote. “Here in Lesotho, people are getting slain in large numbers, youngsters are being harassed and raped, and our elderly women are being killed in large numbers,” Makamohelo Hlehlisi bemoaned. “Our old ladies are being killed in large numbers.” “If my party is successful in becoming the next ruling party, one of my goals is for them to investigate these issues and try to generate employment opportunities for young people, who now do not have any. There are too many things that we are waiting for,” continued the female speaker.

Agriculture and animal husbandry for subsistence, along with a few locally owned and operated businesses, form the foundation of the economy of the country known as the Kingdom in the Sky. According to the estimates provided by the World Bank, the level of poverty will remain unchanged at 36% in 2021 (based on $2.15 per person per day).

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Voters had the opportunity to select candidates from more than 50 different parties in order to bring about the change they desire. A resident of the hamlet named Makamohelo Hlehlisi was quoted as saying, “We just want improvements; there should be peace around our nation; there should be growth; and we should all live together joyfully.” These are the things that the villagers require. On Friday, voting ended at 15:00 local time (GMT+1), and counting began shortly thereafter. It is expected that the findings will be announced the following week.

The All Basotho Convention is currently serving as the head of the departing government. Mathibeli Mokhothu, the leader of Lesotho’s Democratic Congress, which is the country’s second largest party, and Sam Matekane, a millionaire who is believed to be the richest man in the country and who analysts believe could be a dark horse candidate, were Nkaku Kabi’s (ABC) primary opponents in the race for president of Lesotho.

Observers don’t think the stalemate in the country’s politics will be broken by the election, since no candidate is expected to win the election outright. A mixed electoral method is used to select the members of the 120-seat parliament. Constituents cast votes for 80 of the parliamentarians, while proportional representation is used to fill the other 40 seats.

The departing Parliament was not successful in passing a measure that would have strengthened political stability by prohibiting MPs from switching party allegiances within the first three years of their time in office. This law was intended to improve political stability.