president faustin archange touadéra created a constitution writing committee

President Faustin Archange Touadéra created a constitution-writing committee

According to a declaration that was issued by the President on Friday, a committee that will be charged with drafting a new constitution has been established in the Central African Republic, a country that has been mired in civil war for the past nine years. The 65-year-old Touadera won the election for the first time in 2016, and he won reelection in a vote that was fraught with controversy two years later. Because of the way the constitution is written now, it is impossible for him to run for president again.

According to the decree that was signed by the head of state as well as his Prime Minister, Felix Moloua, “it creates a drafting committee for the draft Constitution of the Central African Republic.” This committee will be responsible for “handing over to the President of the Republic a draft Constitution.” The decree was issued in the name of the Central African Republic.

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The political opposition in the country is vehemently opposed to Touadera remaining in his post. His followers are encouraging him to hold a referendum on any proposed constitutional amendment so that the people can have their say. To win approval in the legislature, it would require the support of two-thirds of the members voting.

Demonstrations in support of altering the fundamental legislation have been organized by the authorities for a number of months at this point. In August, the president of Central Africa said in a statement, “More and more people are calling for a change to the constitution.”

According to Martin Ziguélé, a former prime minister who is now a member of parliament for the opposition party, “It’s a wild push, and the purpose is to stay in power.” This Saturday, Mr. Ziguélé and about 20 other opposition groups have called for a rally against the proposed changes to the constitution.

Touadéra’s United Hearts Movement (MCU) attempted to introduce an amendment in March that would allow the president to run for a third term in 2025 by removing the limit on the number of terms he can serve as president. During a “republican dialogue,” in which neither the rebellion nor most of the opposition took part, this attempt was made.

In the face of backlash from civil society and censure on a global scale, the MCU gave in and reversed its position. Late in the year 2020, rebels launched an onslaught on the capital city of Bangui in an attempt to dislodge Touadera from power. But with the help of hundreds of Rwandan soldiers and Russian paramilitaries, the army was able to stop the attack.