Protesters Reportedly Killed In Nigeria

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:19 am

There has been series of pandemonium in Nigeria right from the day the ongoing protest began in the city of Lagos before it spread like wildfire all over Nigeria.

Yesterday at lekki there were over 30 deaths mostly protesters as the Nigerian soldiers shot at innocent protesters, not only in lekki but all over Nigeria. There has been reportedly 17 death in Mushin, 49 confirmed dead in Lekki the total death in Lagos close to 100 death.

Video appeared on Nigeria’s Channels Television seemed to catch sound of live adjusts being terminated at the scene.

“While we keep on exploring the killings, Amnesty International wishes to remind the specialists that under global law, security powers may possibly turn to the utilization of deadly power when carefully unavoidable to ensure against fast approaching danger of death or genuine injury,” Amnesty tweeted.

The advancement came only hours after Lagos state Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu cautioned on Twitter that the developing fights against police mercilessness in Nigeria had “declined into a beast that is undermining the prosperity of our general public.”

A police explanation likewise had cautioned that security powers would now “practice the full powers of the law to forestall any further endeavor on lives and property of residents.”

We hope to see the end of this Curfew and the ongoing protest as what started as a peaceful protest has turned to anarchy and violence. Some youth has reportedly started protesting in lekki even as there’s curfew in the state.