residents forced to flee rebel attack in komanda village of eastern congo

Residents Forced To Flee Rebel Attack in Komanda Village Of Eastern Congo

 Congo Congo – Residents in Eastern Congo are now fleeing their homes as the violence in the region escalates. Despite the intervention of the Congo Army alongside peacekeepers from the UN mission side, residents have had to evacuate their homes looking for survival.

Recently, the village of Komanda in the Eastern province of Ituri was retaken by rebel groups in October according to confirmed news coming in from the military. After government soldiers were seen patrolling the streets, a certain death-like of calm has descended on the streets.

According to confirmed news bits, parts of the village stand destroyed with shop fronts and homes left to be burned down. Many have already been destroyed as they remain charred. Many have fled the village in their cars, laden with whatever belongings they could gather.

There is a scarcity of food and no protection of life. Even children have not sparred the bullets. According to news gathered by a prominent media agency, Lt. Gen. Johnny Luboya Nkashama, the military governor of Ituri, confirmed that his soldiers began their operation at the start of October and that they successfully reclaimed several villages.

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Efforts had been made by the military to help the locals. For example, During a joint Congolese army-MONUSCO night patrol in Bunia, members of the UN mission in the country distributed toll-free numbers to local inhabitants, so they can quickly call local authorities in the event of any danger, an initiative intended to ensure a sense of security in the town, according to a MONUSCO officer.

It is scary to know that more than 120 rebel groups are operating across the eastern Congo region, making normal life literally next to impossible for residents. This has continued since the end of civil wars in 2003. Political analysts strongly believe that the solutions are not just military but will need to have a political basis to it as well.  The recent attacks seem to be the handy work of the M23 rebellion group; but they have denied any involvement.