the death of a 5 year old boy trapped in a well in morocco

The death of a 5-year-old boy trapped in a well in Morocco

Rayan, a five-year-old child, was stuck in a deep well for four days. As the boy’s death was reported in a royal palace statement on Saturday night, King Mohammed VI conveyed his sympathies to the boy’s parents. The royal palace in Morocco announced Saturday that a 5-year-old kid who had been trapped in a deep well for four days had died. Rayan, the boy, was rescued late Saturday night following a lengthy operation that drew worldwide attention.

Before the boy emerged, his parents, Khaled Oram and Wassima Khersheesh, were transported to an ambulance. King Mohammed VI of Morocco, who had been following the rescue efforts closely, told local officials to use “all means possible” to dig the boy out of the well and bring him back to his parents alive.

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Hundreds of villagers and others had gathered to witness the rescue effort. As the rescue efforts dragged on for four days, expressions of support and concern for the youngster came in from all around the world. A rope was used to deliver oxygen and water to the boy, as well as a camera to keep an eye on him.

On Tuesday evening, Rayan fell down a 32-meter (105-foot) well near his home in the town of Ighran in Morocco’s hilly northern Chefchaouen province. Bulldozers were utilized for three days to dig a parallel ditch. They then began excavating a horizontal tunnel to reach the stranded kid on Friday. Experts in topographical engineering were requested, according to Morocco’s MAP news agency.

The king praised the rescuers’ tireless efforts and the community’s support for Rayan’s family. Moroccans all over the country used social media to express their hope that the boy would live. They used the hashtag #SaveRayan to get the world’s attention to the rescue efforts.