is biden ready to take a call on morocco and its affairs

Is Biden ready to take a call on Morocco and its affairs?

 Morocco Morocco – Over the years, relations between Morocco and the United States did not stand firm on the said documents. A lot of treaties, agreements have been made between the two but the subtle ignorance that the US showed towards the Moroccan populations has always annoyed the nations.

This is because of the expectations that Morocco has from the United States. These expectations basically stem from the fact that the US has always welcomed the African nations with open arms and included it in its policies very lovingly. However, recent years have seen the western nation ignore Morocco even in the most crucial matters.

The distance between the two nations can be felt in the way they have been addressing each other these days. The two pieces of the legislation that the country has passed will definitely impact the relationship between the two and to an extent, it has already soured it a little.

Be it the unprecedented Morocco-skeptic language introduced during the announcement of the appropriations bill and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the fiscal year 2022 or be it the declaration of diplomatic agreement from Morocco’s end last month, there was a clear coldness in the matter.

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The major issues from Morocco’s side seems to be related to trust because the United States is not the only country that has been ignoring the African country in recent years.

Moroccan leadership has been detailing the nations and their behavior towards itself and hence found out that the diplomatic ties it serves with the western world might be unidirectional. For two-three months, the nation has been suffering diplomatic losses leaving the country to feel isolated in the lack of traditional allies. Hence at a time like this, the Biden administration not making their stand clear or providing a clear picture to Morocco has made the matter worse. Some experts assume that they are expecting a lot from a world power like that of the US while other stress that it is high time, Morocco figures out which nation is its ally in the truest sense.