the eu denies any discrimination at the ukrainian border

The EU denies any discrimination at the Ukrainian border

 UkraineUkraine – The European Union’s (EU) delegation in Kenya has denied allegations of discrimination against Africans in EU member states bordering Ukraine. Europe says that countries near Ukraine that have been at war have welcomed all people fleeing the conflict without exception, dismissing claims that they have been unfair.

According to a press release from the bloc, more than 200 Kenyans were trapped in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s incursion. According to the press release, the EU condemns “inaccurate and biased media reporting on this topic that has repeatedly emerged on numerous Kenyan channels and social media, and begs for thorough verification of the facts.”

Given that deliberate disinformation is being circulated in some situations, it stated, “The EU Embassies currently in Kenya are ready to give factual data.” It’s said that free transportation has been given by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, which is next door to Kenya.

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“Those Kenyans who have arrived at the borders have been assisted and permitted to enter EU Member States securely,” the statement stated. So far, one individual has returned to Kenya, according to the Kenyan government. Several African students in Ukraine have told of being stopped from leaving the country by Ukrainian security personnel. Ukraine isn’t a member of the European Union.

Discrimination has been denounced by the African Union. According to the EU mission in Kenya, “7 721 Africans, including 88 Kenyans,” were among the 350,000 refugees who crossed into Poland between the 24th and the 28th of February. In the previous four days, 4,150 migrants from 40 African nations had entered Slovakia, according to the report. So far, some Ghanaians and Tunisians have safely returned home.