the russians attacked a train carrying ghanaian students in ukraine

The Russians attacked a train carrying Ghanaian students in Ukraine

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 08:17 am

Some Russians allegedly attacked a train carrying Ghanaian students in Ukraine, but they were unharmed. In a Saturday interview with local television (February 26), Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Member of Parliament for North Tongu, revealed this.

Mr. Ablakwa, who is also the ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament, was commenting on the government’s plans to evacuate Ghanaian students from Ukraine. Since Thursday (February 24), Ghanaian students in Ukraine have petitioned the Ghana government to remove them from the nation, which is currently under Russian invasion.

Due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, the Ghanaian government has decided to evacuate Ghanaian students from Ukraine to neighboring countries such as Moldova, Belarus, Slovakia, and Hungary, according to the Member of Parliament. People in charge of Ghanaian students in Ukraine talk to the Ministry through their leaders. The Ministry has a mission in Berne, Switzerland, and a consulate in Ukraine.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration said in a statement on Friday, February 25, that “a list of students has been established to facilitate an evacuation exercise.” The government had invited stranded citizens in Ukraine to seek sanctuary as it worked to remove them from the war-torn country.

In the last few days, Russia has invaded Ukraine with gunfire exchanges between its and Ukraine’s militaries, as well as heavy explosive strikes on critical military and security facilities. The administration of Vladimir Putin dispatched military forces to the land of its neighbor in an attempt to seize control of the country. The attack was widely condemned as unjustified.