the ugandan foreign minister says the country is investigating rights violations

The Ugandan Foreign Minister says the country is investigating rights violations

 UgandaUganda – Uganda’s Foreign Minister, General Jeje Odongo, described the EU-African Union (AU) joint meeting as an “interesting conversation” between Africa and Europe. On Friday, General Odongo gave an exclusive interview on the sidelines of an important gathering. The two areas are “creating a new perspective on how to do business together,” he said.

General Jeje Odongo concedes that “some actions have occurred” in response to a recent EU statement condemning the use of torture and human rights crimes in Uganda, but adds that investigations are underway to hold the offenders accountable. “On account of their acts, we even sentenced some people to death,” General Odongo stated.

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On Friday, the European Union (EU) and the African Union (AU) signed a “renewed relationship” in Brussels, which included the establishment of a €150 billion European investment strategy and enhanced aid to Africa for the production of Covid vaccinations. Europe is also paving the way for a larger redistribution of IMF special drawing rights for rich countries to Africans, but they haven’t made a clear promise. This is according to the joint declaration made at the 6th summit of the two organizations.

“Our common vision is to consolidate a renewed partnership for solidarity, security, peace, and sustainable economic development,” the African and European leaders pleaded. The leaders have been meeting since Thursday to “reinvent” their relationship and “install new software,” according to Senegalese President Macky Sall’s formula.