ugandan police have arrested seven terror suspects

Ugandan police have arrested seven terror suspects

 Uganda Uganda – Seven people have been arrested in Uganda for reportedly being members of two terror cells and having ties to a raid in the central Lukaya and Butambala regions. According to police spokesman Fred Enanga, intelligence operations revealed that fugitive cleric Imam Suleman Nsubuga was preparing the suspects for assaults. Last year, Mr. Nsubuga eluded a raid on his hideout in the central Wakiso District.

Following extensive crackdowns after insurgent assaults in October and November 2021, Mr. Enanga said police were working to dismantle any regrouping cells. These are operating cells that are self-contained, transportable, and adaptable. However, we want to reassure the public that we will ensure that they are eradicated and that new cells are not formed, “he stated.

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Last year, the Ugandan government blamed the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an Islamic State branch, for a series of attacks in the city of Kampala that left scores dead and dozens injured. The attacks prompted a coordinated operation with Congolese forces against the rebels, which began with airstrikes on November 30.

A second phase of the operation is currently underway in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, but no new attacks have been recorded in Uganda. For more than three decades, the ADF has operated in the deep forests of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, just across the Ugandan border. In 2014, the organization began killing a huge number of civilians. Following the attacks in October and November, Uganda’s troops deployed to eastern DRC in late November to combat the Islamist fighters.