biden urges for a ceasefire in ethiopia as the situation turns alarming

Biden urges for a ceasefire in Ethiopia as the situation turns alarming

The President of the United States has urged for a ceasefire in Ethiopia after the situation in the country grows out of control with every passing day. Biden spoke to the Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday regarding the status of the country.

While talking about it, he also raised concerns over the airstrikes in the northern Tigray region of the country and asked him to call for a ceasefire after the constant battle of life for 14 months. 

As per the released readout of the call by the White House, Biden expressed his concerns over the situation in the second populous country in Africa. He was concerned about ‘ongoing hostilities, including recent air strikes, continuing to cause civilian casualties and suffering’.

Biden found himself more involved in the affairs after an airstrike at the camp in the town of Dedebit. The strike reportedly killed 56 people and wounded 30 as per the initial investigation. The information was given by aid workers who have been in Ethiopia for a long time.

Not only this, before the air strike too, Tigray people have been subjected to mass killing and violence. At least 146 confirmed deaths have taken place since October last year. These airstrikes have resulted in injuring over 213 people.

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The White House said that the two leaders discussed different ways to speed up the dialogue between the two sides in the country. They need to swiftly negotiate the matter and come into a ceasefire mode or else things can be excessively damaging for the nation.

Apart from this, Biden also raised human rights violations as an issue. There are growing concerns of abuses on people, reports about detentions centers, and atrocities taking place inside such facilities were also discussed during this time. The government of the country and the Tigrayan forces have been at odds with each other since November 2020 which has resulted in numerous crimes and human rights violations.