The World: Health Ministry Urges Calm Over COVID-19 Surge In France

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:17 am

The Health Ministry in France as urged for calm over Covid-19 spike in case in the wake of the second wave that has hit Europe at large.

Just on Thursday the prime minister of France declared a fresh lockdown in the country to reduce the spread of the virus. So far the confirmed cases is close to 1.5 million which is quite alarming.

Sunday’s hospitalizations were accounted for at 17,450, an ascent of 585 in the course of recent hours, with 2,507 of the patients staying in serious consideration, up by 98 from Saturday.

The Health authorities of France will be hoping to reduce the coronavirus cases in the country, security forced has been top notch to prevent citizens from violating the lockdown put in place.