with qatars undeniable support to taliban its link to al qaeda isis become more evident

With Qatar’s Undeniable Support to Taliban its Link to Al-Qaeda, ISIS Become More Evident

Last updated on September 15th, 2021 at 09:08 am

Numerous reports have shown how the middle eastern region is under attack by terror groups who have their link with al-Qaeda. This threat is slowly moving towards the European countries and before it further penetrates deeper, they will have to identify the root cause from where it is receiving support. It has been widely covered how Qatar is helping the Taliban handle its personal as well as administrative image.

Not only did the nation help project Talibani leaders and shelter them in its arms but also supported them with loads of finances. If the travel route of the money transfer was to be traced, it would make it further clear that none other than the Qatari regime is behind the constant support these groups/outlets have been receiving.

Doha is well aware of how dangerous Talibani elements are and despite the threat, it has chosen to support them and establish the administration by funding their activities. Even the most peaceful protests are being dealt with violence and people are being killed under Talibani rule. Doha is still continuing to extend its ‘cooperation’ and putting several lives in danger. Not just for Afghanistan, it is also risking lives from the vulnerable countries in the Arab world.

As per reports, it has also transferred dangerous ISIS elements from Syria to Afghanistan to help the rulers with their power. Sending in ISIS members only means further spreading violence. ISIS has been responsible for numerous attacks on different countries especially Syria, which has been completely destroyed due to the terror attacks. But these issues never mattered to Qatar as it continues to house the leaders of ISIS.

It is also funding their activities and trying to restart the terror campaign from Syria and it seems that Afghanistan is just the start. Taliban is trying to convert Afghanistan into Syria with constant war threats and violence but what has Qatar got to do with it is the real question. Qatar has a huge role here. With the support and funding that it has been providing these terror groups, it is subtly pressuring them to come under its wings.

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It wants these groups to spread terror without using its name and still it could continue to be the real power behind them. Qatar has baffled all the nations that have shown trust in it. Be it the United States or the Aisan nations, it has been fooling them for years and this time it is not different. To analyse its support further, one may notice that with all that it has done, the only country to have gained a long term benefit is Iran.

Doha may not bring out the friendship it has with Iran and its leaders but the monetary transactions between its charity organisations and Iranian leaders show the true motive of the country. The Qatari regime has become all the more cautious with its affairs after reports of its housing al-Qaeda leaders came into public eye.

After these reports, it very carefully shifted all of them to Iran, which was also addressed by former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier this year. Pompeo had said in a statement that after years of hiding it from the public, Iran and al- Qaeda have taken their relationship to the next level especially after Tehran allowed al- Qaeda to establish a new operational headquarters in its territory.

Iran is doing so despite the sanctions imposed by the United States because it knows that the support of Qatar will continue to save it from tough battles. This is Iran’s way of returning the favour it owed Qatar. The links between the Qatari regime and al-Qaeda leaders can also be identified by reports about the regime transferring huge amounts to an al-Qaeda affiliate, the Nusra front.

This was revealed in the London high court after which the court had ordered European countries to be careful of the monetary transaction that being to religious institutions. The Arab world has already taken a strong stance against Qatar by identifying the way it has been showing double standards in the department of regional peace and terrorsim but it is high time that even the Western countries show spirit of standing against the Qatari regime.

Only then will it be possible to destroy the egoistic mentality of the regime that believes in the power of money over human minds.