The World: President Vizcarra Impeached Over Corruption In Peru

Last updated on September 11th, 2021 at 08:16 am

The Parliament in Peru as voted to impeached President Martín Vizcarra, due to corruption and bribery leveled against him. He is going to be one of the few president, that will be Impeached from office.

The resistance overwhelmed Congress set forward 105 votes to expel the anti-extremist pioneer over allegations that as a lead representative he took kickbacks from organizations that won public works contracts.

The 105 votes far surpassed the 87-vote edge out of 130 expected to eliminate him from office. There were 19 votes against his ouster and four abstentions.

Vizcarra has dismissed the defilement charges as “ridiculous” and “bogus.”

Now that President Vizcarra has been impeached, it’s expected Manuel Merino will assume the role of Presidency in the country, before a new Elections takes place.