tlig africa announces new tv show, aims for global viewers

TLIG Africa announces new TV show, aims for global viewers

The new television programmes from The Land Is Green (TLIG) Africa Media have been announced. The statement was made at a media conference in Lagos’ Victoria Island, where the media company set its sights on international notoriety.

Kehinde Olagbenjo, the founder of TLIG Global Media, stated that the company has been around for approximately 10 years and has handled some of the largest entrepreneur programmes this year.

According to Olagbenjo, some of the shows include Celebrity Uncensored anchored by prolific entertainment reporter, Kehinde Ajose; The BRR Show anchored by Adejoke Yusuf (Jkay); The Todd Show anchored by Abayomi Odunola and others.

We have programmes on a number of radio and television stations, he continued. Years ago, we managed some of the largest entrepreneur programmes and collaborated with numerous significant businesses. As a result, we decided it was time to advance.

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“When we first started, we focused more of our programming on entrepreneurship and female empowerment, but as time went on, we made the decision to incorporate entertainment in its highest form since we want to cover every angle.”

“We have been live-streaming our programmes on Facebook and YouTube, but now we are switching to DSTV to expand our reach. Due to the fact that we are now generating more content, we are now starting our own 24-hour channel. The best studio and equipment are here.”

He added that they have enough money to support their own operations. “We shall remain constrained if we continue to publish our content on other websites. Therefore, we seek the additional flexibility to run continuously. We have been creating the experience because we want to portray Africa onto a larger platform.”

Afolabi Oke, a partner with TLIG Africa, also spoke during the discussion said, “I believe in the idea; I’m supporting and partnering TLIG Africa to bring this dream to the international arena.”

“Because they won’t be able to find the type of content elsewhere, I’m confident that international media outlets like CNN will start using our content. Our responsibility is to establish a venue where even our media personnel may be genuinely honoured. It is time for Africans to reclaim what is rightfully ours, to reveal our true selves to the world rather than through their own glasses. Young media professionals and entrepreneurs are deserving of praise. Despite their hard work, media professionals, particularly journalists, are forgotten. It is time to defend them.”