a boat sinks on the blue nile in sudan with 23 people believed dead

A boat sinks on the Blue Nile in Sudan, with 23 people believed dead

Last updated on April 5th, 2022 at 08:02 am

According to the state-run SUNA news agency, 29 people were on board when the ship overturned and sank near Sennar province’s southeast. Sudanese authorities announced Monday that a boat capsized on the Blue Nile, killing at least 23 women.

According to the state-run SUNA news agency, 29 passengers were on board when the vessel capsized and sank on Friday in southern Sennar province. Except for the captain, who survived along with five other passengers, all of the passengers were female. The cause of the capsizing was not stated in the study. The women were working as daily workers on farms in the Souki region when their boat overturned as they were heading home. SUNA said that thirteen bodies had been recovered, with ten more being sought by rescuers.

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The Blue Nile is a vital transportation corridor for people and products in this African country. The Nile River, one of the world’s longest rivers, is formed when it joins the White Nile just north of Khartoum City.

Overloaded boating accidents are tragically common on the country’s waterways, where safety precautions are frequently ignored. When a boat sank on the Nile in Sudan in 2018, at least 22 people, including 21 students and a woman, drowned.