nigerian gang raids kill and kidnap dozens in the northern plateau

Nigerian gang raids kill and kidnap dozens in the northern Plateau

Last updated on April 12th, 2022 at 08:08 am

A series of raids in Plateau State, central Nigeria, resulted in the deaths of dozens of people and the abduction of many more. People on motorcycles with guns attacked at least four small communities near Kanam on Sunday.

They also stole livestock and set fire to a number of houses. It’s the latest in a string of armed gang attacks across northern Africa’s most populated country.\

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The Plateau shares a border with Kaduna, where suspected bandits blew up train tracks last month, killing eight people and kidnapping dozens. Gunmen assaulted a Kaduna army base last week, killing fifteen troops.

The attack was confirmed by police and local officials, but no casualty estimates were given. Residents claim that this is the most violent incident they’ve ever witnessed in the neighbourhood. They are angry that security troops, who are already overburdened fighting an Islamist insurgency in the northeast, took nearly 24 hours to respond to the raid.