aid workers safety compromised in south sudan

Aid workers safety compromised in South Sudan

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 10:28 am

 SUdanSudan – The population of South Sudan is scrapped of basic requirements to the extent that they are now resorting to stealing and attacking camps of aid workers.

The human rights activists, relief workers and many of the internal groups are making efforts to help people in South Sudan given how miserably they are living but the noble cause has turned out to be a threat for themselves.

Civilians have been looting emergency food supplies from the aid workers and in the process when they have tried to make them understand or even defend themselves, many were attacked causing an unrest in the African nation.

One of the biggest issues that the nation is suffering with is hunger. The extreme situation has led many to take extreme measures. Despite the best efforts of the internal government, the situation is far from average in poor nations. The defining factor seems to be the lack of security and safety guarantee for them in South Sudan.

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As per the United Nations, 70 percent of the country’s population will be witnessing a deep shortage of food in the coming lean season. This has put many aid agencies into thinking as despite them wanting to help, they are not left with many options.

The regularity of attacks shows how fast the unrest is spreading in the nation which also points fingers at the lack of proper governance. The lack of responsibility shown by the government officials towards those who are working to make their population survive is indicating a dark future.

It was only last month when two humanitarian workers were killed in the Abyei region and neighboring Unity state towards the north of the country. Since the start of this year, the attacks on aid workers, aid convoys and their warehouses have seen an increase which is increasing obstacles in the help that is being provided to the South Sudanese people.