the united states has sanctioned sudanese police for human rights violations

The United States has sanctioned Sudanese police for human rights violations

Last updated on March 23rd, 2022 at 09:05 am

The US placed sanctions on Sudan’s Central Reserve Police (CRP) force on Monday for human rights violations. The CRP has been accused by the Treasury Department of being “at the forefront” of the crackdown on anti-military rallies in the northeast African country.

Sudan’s Central Reserve Police has utilized disproportionate force and violence to repress civilian activists and protestors since the military takeover on October 25, “Treasury undersecretary Brian Nelson said in a statement. Nelson stated, “We condemn Sudan’s security services for killing, harassing, and terrorizing Sudanese citizens.” “These measures are aggravating Sudan’s dilemma.”

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Any CRP assets in the United States will be frozen as a result of the sanctions. “Today’s sanctions convey a crucial message that those guilty of the death and injury of peaceful protestors in Sudan will be held accountable,” says Charlie Loudon, an international legal counsel with the rights organization REDRESS.

Since a military coup headed by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on October 25, regular protests asking for a civilian government have taken place, with heavy-handed crackdowns leaving 87 people dead, according to doctors. The army and civilians had meticulously negotiated a shaky power-sharing arrangement.