peace talks between chads military government and armed rebel groups began in qatar

Peace talks between Chad’s military government and armed rebel groups began in Qatar

Last updated on March 15th, 2022 at 08:07 am

On Sunday, in Doha, Chad’s military-led government and armed rebel factions began long-awaited talks. Peace talks for Chad have begun in Qatar. These talks are designed to pave the way for a national discourse in October.

Even though there were over a hundred people there when the talks began, some of the 84 leaders from the 44 rebel factions were unable to attend due to travel document concerns. Before the negotiations, these groups had asked for the return of their money and an amnesty.

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Following an amnesty proclaimed in November, political dissidents and insurgents were freed in January. Some FACT rebels, however, are still being held captive. Will the agreements reached during these peace talks pave the way for elections to be held? Because the endeavor is difficult, the following days will be critical.