best african games for children to play

Best African Games For Children To Play

Children love to play games. Indoor games, outdoor games and online games are loved by children. There are various famous African games for children to play. These can also help to develop basic math and strategic thinking. In this article, we will discuss the best African games for children to play. African games are popular across the world.


Mancala is the oldest game in the world. It is believed to have originated in Africa. It is known as kigogo in Kenya and oware in Ghana. Children need a mancala board, with holes arranged in either two or four rows. They need to move their stones around so that they can capture more than their opponent.


Ampe is a perfect game for school-age children. It originated in Ghana. Two people can play this energy-driven game. A leader is chosen to begin jumping. The leader places one leg forward. Points are earned depending on which leg meets the opposite leg of your opponent first.

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Kudoda originated in Zimbabwe. Children sit in a circle around a bowl filled with some small stones. A person picks up one of the stones and throws it up in the air. Subsequently, other players try to pick up as many other stones in the bowl before it drops down. It is one of the best African games for children to play.


Stockings is one of the best African games for children to play. Children either need skipping rope or stockings to play this game. Two players stand on each end of the rope, swinging it in a circular motion. Another player tries to jump. They lift the rope higher until the third player can’t jump high enough.


Nyama-Nyama-Nyama is played across East Africa. In the Nyama-Nyama-Nyama game, children guess the names of the meat. The players jump up each time an animal is named.

This is the list of the best African games for children to play.