are mermaids real in south africa

Are Mermaids real in South Africa?

A mermaid is a creature with the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Mermaids have appeared in folklore. However, many people do not believe in the existence of a mermaid. Do mermaids exist in South Africa? Are mermaids real in South Africa? Read this article to know about them.

Some people believe that mermaids exist in South Africa. So, are there mermaids in South Africa? Reportedly, some people have claimed that they have seen mermaids in Cape Town. Many people visit South Africa to see mermaids.

Do mermaids exist in South Africa?

Mermaids were once seen by visitors in Cape Town, South Africa. During the 18th century, a sailor named George Carter spotted a mermaid in Cape Town. He said that the aquatic creature had a whale’s body and a pig’s head.

During the 19th century, a traveller reported seeing a mermaid in Table Bay in South Africa.  A fisherman once spotted a mermaid under the Big Rock in South Africa’s eastern region. 

False Bay Shimmer is also popular in South Africa. Reportedly, a group of three people once saw a mermaid swim at the False Bay Shimmer. 

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In 2022, mermaids were reportedly found in South Africa. Footage of a “real mermaid” in South Africa went viral on TikTok in April 2022. A user named Aamir Cali uploaded a TikTok video captioned “Real Mermaid Caught in Muizenberg South Africa.” The video received millions of views. An extended version of the TikTok video footage was uploaded to YouTube. The crowd was seen surrounding the creature. The video received mixed reviews from users. Some people labelled the video fake, while some people believed that mermaids exist in South Africa.  A social media user said that the child was swallowed by the fish. 

However, authorities said that the video was fake. Muizenberg South African Police Service reportedly said that Muizenberg SAPS had no reports of a mermaid.