the un mission in mali condemns attacks by extremists

The UN Mission in Mali condemns attacks by extremists

 MaliMali – Last Friday, the head of the UN mission in Mali condemned an attack by Islamists that killed over 30 Malian soldiers. Extremists killed 27 soldiers and wounded 33 others, according to a statement from the Malian army. The attack on the Mondoro camp came as no surprise to the locals.

“What happened at Mondoro was tragic, but it was unavoidable. We’re dealing with folks who are virtually invisible. We’re dealing with “terrorists” who are here and in disarray, so they’re willing to go to any length to defend themselves. “Mohamedy Dioula Dramé, a local, admitted it. Aliou Ongoba, a local citizen, remarked that “The situation in Mondoro is visible to the entire world today; nonetheless, it did not begin today.” For the past three years, we’ve been in the same predicament. Mines keep exploding all the time. Overnight, our relatives passed away. It’s inexcusably terrible.”

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Following a “sweep on terrorist strongholds,” the Malian army claims that 47 militants were “neutralized” in the morning and 23 others were slain. Starting Saturday, the Malian government has proclaimed a three-day national mourning period. The military evacuation of France and its European allies in the Takuba Special Forces group from Mali was just confirmed.

“We are highly concerned because other attacks in this area cannot be ruled out.” The neighborhood is in grave danger, “confessed Oumar Ongoba, secretary-general of the Mondoro Youth Association for Development.” The Mondoro camp, which lies close to the Burkina Faso border, has been the subject of multiple jihadist attacks in the past by groups operating in the area. The camp is in the middle of one of the main areas of conflict, which started in northern Mali in 2012 with independence and Islamist insurgencies. It has since spread to central Mali, as well as Burkina Faso and Niger, which are nearby.