netflix to end free access plan in kenya, what to expect

Netflix to end free access plan in Kenya, What to expect?

Netflix, the subscription video on-demand over-the-top streaming service, has planned to end its free mobile plan in Kenya. Netflix has decided to discontinue its free mobile plan in Kenya after two years. 

Under the plan, users were able to access a quarter of Netflix shows and movies without paying money for two years. Now, Netflix aims to attract new paying users.

Netflix to end free access plan in Kenya

Netflix will end its free access plan in Kenya in November 2023. Netflix will cut off thousands of subscribers who have enjoyed free access plans since 2021. From November, Kenyans need to upgrade to one of the paid plans to access Netflix shows and movies. 

Netflix said in an email sent to subscribers, “On November 1, 2023, the Free Plan will no longer be available, and your membership will end. If you want to cancel, no action is required.”

In 2021, Netflix announced the free access plan initiative to attract users in Kenya. Netflix wanted to capture the African market. The free plan, which was launched in Kenya in September 2021, helped Netflix to attract new consumers from Africa. Kenyans accessed Netflix shows and movies without paying the subscription fee as Netflix sought to tap into the growing streaming market in Africa.

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Netflix plan in Kenya

Users in Kenya can subscribe to Netflix by paying Ksh 200 ($1.35) per month. Users can unlock more features and the option to watch Netflix shows and movies on phone, TV or laptop. 

Earlier, Netflix announced its plan to cut its subscription prices for its Kenyan subscribers by 37 percent. Netflix took the decision to attract new users as well as maintaining the existing subscribers.

Kenya’s Netflix series

In July, Kenya’s Netflix original “Country Queen” was launched. The series was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 

Netflix co-produced and distributed the series “Country Queen”. Director of Media Development DW Akademie, Natascha Schwanke said, “We want to promote authentic African stories.”